Mâ Ananda Moyî

Ma Ananda Moyi

Nirmalâ Sundari Devî (30 April 1896 in Kheora, India, (now Bangladesh) - Kishanpur, 27 August 1982), later named Ma Ananda Moyi by Jyotish Chandra Ray1 or Ma Ananda Mayi, Sri Anandamayi Ma, is considered Hinduism as a great saint of India of the twentieth century and perceived by his followers as an avatar.

Sri Ma Anandamayi is now widely recognized as a person of great spiritual value, born in 1896 and samadhi at the age of 86. These limitations, however, can not claim to have conditioned her total freedom to be fair herself in all circumstances, she was the epitome of joyful self-sufficiency, which delighted the hearts of all who came near her. "

She is our dear Mother, always present in our hearts. As she often said to these disciples:

"Mâ is there".

And that's true! No need of the eyes to see It, the heart sees!




BabanagnathBaba Nagnath Yogeshwar, a famous aghori and devotee of the Ganga, is on a mission to save the river.

When his repeated appeals to the Uttar Pradesh government went unheeded, he followed the beaten track and decided to go on a hunger strike.

With a handful of disciples for support, Baba Yogeshwar embarked on his mission on 19 July 2008. He did not expect the fast to last even a fortnight. Five hundred and twenty three days later, Baba Yogeshwar, clad in saffron, is still at it. He had demanded the release of extra water from the Tehri Dam to increase the height and flow of the Ganga as it winds through Varanasi.

But there has been no assurance of the same from the UP government.

Baba Yogeshwar claims to survive only with water and sunshine. When he grows very weak, his disciples, who have grown manifold, take him to the civil hospital for a shot of intravenous fluids.

Yet, the fast has taken a toll on Baba Yogeshwar. His body has been reduced to mere skin and bones. His body is burned as often mentioned in the holy scriptures when they describe the realized beings. Her hair is dirty and tangled and the beard of yesteryear now touches her belly. He only accepts the holy waters of Mâ Ganga in which he used to bathe. Sometimes, staying several minutes immersed impressing his followers.

Though leaders like Rajnath Singh, Govindacharya and Pravin Togadia have met Baba Yogeshwar, there has been no move to concede to his demands. “Till my demands are not fulfilled, I will not eat,” Baba Yogeshwar tells Open from his hospital bed. “It is the duty of the four Shankararcharyas to keep the Ganga alive.

It is our dharma . Kashi (Varanasi) will be dead if the Ganga does not flow.”

Each day into the fast, a new legend about the Baba is born. Stories about his past life abound, though no one really knows the truth about it.

According to some, he was a king in his previous birth while some others believe that he is a descendant of Sage Vishwamitra, the creator of the Gayatri Mantra. Sadly though, as the legends take shape, few remember the real reasons for the Baba’s fast.

But one thing is certain, through his fast, Sri Babanagnath Ji has shown us that we are much more than this body.

And the purpose of this sadhana was to open the eyes of the most incredulous about THE REALITY ...