Hatha Yoga is designated by the Hatha Yoga Pradipka as:


Hatha Yoga

"The violent effort represented by the Union of the Sun and the Moon, themselves represented by the channels ida and pingala which surrounds the central channel susumna, while crossing themselves and opening one by the nostril This is the result of a conception, traditional since Vedic antiquity, of a correspondence between the universe and the body, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

This hathayoga consists of the set of eight consecutive elements, or members of the Yoga performer: Yama, the refrènements, the nyamas or disciplines, the āsana or "posture", the pranayama "or gathering of the breaths, the pratyahara or retraction of the organs of perception, the dharana or fixation which is the actual concentration of attention on an object, the dhyana or meditation on Hari in the interval of the eyebrows and the Samadhi or position (of the psyche) which is the psychological state of balance.

The union of the Supreme Being, in the form of Siva, with the cosmic Energy, Sakti, who is also the "Goddess". It is this union that engenders the universe. "