Bhairavi 1Thanks to Pierre Feuga for this sublime invocation to the Goddess ...O You! You taught me to walk and read. You drank my first tears. Later I felt your breath and burn. Later, I felt your poison and your knife. O Woman! O Mother! O Lover! O Goddess! Ancient grandmother and always fresh, little girl whose hair embalmed jasmine and sandalwood, whose ears bore four cherries and two long curls, whose hands played me, deceived, revived many times.

O first and last! O girl with green almond eyes, violent pupils, irregular bites. Confused in islands, valleys, three oceans and two emissaries. Star. Foreign eternal. Ratcheting pegs, purple tongue of the stolen fruit, dark gold braids, three times bent, sliding in the dawn, smiling in the twilight. You always. You last and first, deep North, Sun of my midnight, Night of my Deliverance, Life. At the last glance I will recognize you, O Blue, O Terrible, sweet lightning, Death of my death, BhairavÎ.

Who am I ?

Bhairavi 2

Am I this body or this face that I see in the reflection? Am I those moods that are constantly changing according to the situations, people I meet like different weather each morning? Or am I this story that has been built over time? When I sit down on my carpet, my mind gradually calms down, ideas, thoughts pass like clouds in the immensity of the sky, then fade ... Of all that, there is nothing left.

Who am I? Nothing of all this, nothing of this event that is agitated and makes me believe that I am her, who wants me to play with her. But if I'm her, for a time it's up to me to define, I'm not just her.

I am ... quite simply. Beyond the All, through the All and the All.

I am. I could add I am That. That being everything and nothing at once. The emptiness and the full.

I am. It's enough! And then, continuing my meditation a little deeper and the "I" disappears and dissolves into immensity. All that remains is Am.

"To be" is what I am.

To be all silmplement. By simply pronouncing this word, its flavor fills my taste buds as sweet and sweet taste of sweetness that takes you to the palate.

Be. To be endless and remain so in the Rasa far from what He is who I am. Unparalleled flavor of Amrita that annoys me and daze


ओम शांति शांति शांति