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The practice area

Hatha Yoga class in a traditional Mongolian yurt

The circular space is particularly conducive to the practice of yoga. It promotes the harmonization of energies and their circulation as well as the turning of the gaze inwards.

The number of places is limited to 7.

There is no minimum to maintain the session.

The session lasts 1h15 minimum.

About the practice

Yoga is a spiritual practice. Yoga is therefore not gymnastics, which is why in theory it is not necessary to provide a medical certificate.

There is no prerequisite to the practice of Hatha Yoga if it is not possible to sit on the floor.

Everyone does what his body allows him to do in respect and in accordance with his anatomy. So everyone must be able to know his body and his possibilities without presuming his strength. No one can know better than himself what is good or bad. There is no competition or notion of performance in Yoga practice; if there is one, it is only with oneself.

yoga draguignan var

The external form does not matter much, it is only a stage of Hatha Yoga whose ultimate goal is to reach Liberation (Moksha): dissolution of the self in the Self, to realize the union between Consciousness and energy and to find within oneself the Infinite Universe.

Good practice!


Timetable and price

The price is fixed at 10 € per group session (no membership)

Monday => 6.30 pm

Thursday => 6.30 pm


Yoga Nidra (Every two weeks)

Tuesday => 6 pm


Private lesson in the yurt or at home: 50 € the session of 1h15

(perimeter of 15kms or mileage loss)

Possibility of personalized support in a personal practice according to the expectations; Terms to see together.

No interruption during school holidays unless otherwise stated.

Warning! I regularly stay in India in Benares in periods of 10 to 20 days

I will be absent this year from September 24 to October 8, from November 25 to December 10 and late February early March (dates to be confirmed). During my stays in Benares, you can join me.

The teacher

I followed the teaching of Christian Tikhomiroff ( in parallel with that of Denis Billo Yoga Darshan in Grimaud. I also received the teachings of Yogi Matsyendranath in the Sampradaya of the Natha Yogi of Gorakpur. I was also initiated to Kriya Yoga by Swami Sankarananada Giri (Kriya Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh), a line of Sri Yukteshvar, Guru of Yogananda (see "Autobiography of a Yogi"). I was initiated to certain tantric rituals. Manikarnika (fields of cremation of Benares) is one of my favorite meditation places. My Indian name is Bhairavi

In my daily practice, I have adopted Hindu rituals, including daily Aarati; without making it my religion, but rather a religious act in the sense of "connecting".

I share my time between France and Benares.

The funds collected by the association NAMASTE YOGA DRAGUIGNAN are used to maintain the yurt, acquire books and documentation, to finance internships and trips in India and especially, to help the French-Indian association MAHAVEDA ASHRAM created by Lisa Bhairavi and Rahul Ananda Kashi, whose goal is to spread Knowledge spiritually and to work socially. We regularly offer meals during the festival to the most needy.


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Om शांति शांति शांति