CHARITY ACTION: - Food For Families in Varanasi

FEED the most disadvantaged in the face of containment.

Food for India

In India the millions of people who survive every day on a few rupees can no longer support themselves, due to the cessation of all activity and confinement. Entire families are cloistered at home and have nothing to eat. It is a dire situation.
The images and testimonies that circulate on the internet are heartbreaking, and show us that what we are going through in Europe right now is little compared to what these families deprived of everything endure.

Rahul Ananda Kashi, co-founder of Mahadeva Ashram Varanasi with Lisa Bhairavi and Mahadeva Ashram France from Draguignan, for charity, education and spiritual development, is already working on site. The ashram is located in the old town of Bénares, very close to Ma Anandamoyi ashram.

Mahadeva ashram has already started buying and distributing food to the needy in the neighborhood to provide for their total lack of resources.
Each bag distributed contains rice, dal, flour, mustard oil, sugar and salt. Plus potatoes and onions when you can find them. Distribution is done directly to an adult family member to reduce contact.
We have calculated that with 300 € we can supply 10 families for 8 to 10 days.
We would like to participate in this charity action for a minimum of 4 weeks, because no one there sees the end of confinement or solutions for families with nonexistent income. According to the collection, this action could extend to other families in the neighborhood and a nearby village who are completely overwhelmed by the shortage.

Rahul Ji acting directly on the spot, with the precious help of volunteer souls,

all donations are used

Know that every support, however small, will be a drop of consolation in an ocean of distress.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

And be blessed

Thank you for your support


DAY 16 - MAY 27, 2020




Distribution near the school of Brahmacarya which is at which steps from the ashram.

Thank you to these holy men for perpetuating the tradition, for transmitting the study of sacred texts and Sanskrit, our mother tongue.

Har Har Mahadev

Food For India 14 k

Food For India 14 h

Food For India 14 j

Food For India 14 l









During this time of confinement, sheltered from view, the temples of old Benares are destroyed ... to make way for a shopping center ...


DAY 14 & 15 - MAY 20 & 23, 2020



Food For India 14 s 

Food For India 14 o











Food For India 14








Food For India 14. a

Every week, the government postpones the release from containment for the state of Uttar Pradesh and other states.

An extreme crisis!

Thanks to you, Mahadeva Ashram continues to distribute lentils, flour, potato, mustard oil, rice and salt to families.

More than ever, we would like to see this situation end quickly and life resume its rights. That we still hear the sound of bells, the roar of

Food For India 14 oconques, the call to the Temples! Our India in all its splendor, its gaiety, its life Food For India 14 sintense, its swarming we miss. Live life!

This period is experienced as a time of seclusion. Let it all end quickly!

Bharat Mata Ki Jai

DAY 12 AND 13 - MAY 16 AND 19, 2020


HAR HAR MAHADEVA - Receive the darshan of the Saddhu of Benares


Deeply touched by these gifts, these holy men, spiritual and renouncing, thank you deeply.


Food for India J12 z

Food for India J12

Food for India J13 z

Food for India J13








Food for India J13 u





















Mum ! When will we get home

And during this time, India is bloody drawn into an urban exile. Thousands of children, old people and whole families leave big cities, deprived of their jobs, food, shelter ... to return to their village. Under 40 °, exhausted, they harpoon the roads, sometimes, mistreated, clubbed by the police trying in vain to apply the containment and non-displacement measures linked to the health crisis ... Unfortunately this scenario is visible everywhere in the world.

Who will make the most victims, the virus or the health, social and economic measures instituted ???

As long as we can, may we continue to help them! Let's continue to be Human!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support.

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DAY 11 - May 11, 2020


Distribution continues around Mahadev Ashram

A big THANK YOU to the donors, without you, nothing could go on.

This solidarity is a confirmation of the Humanity that we carry within us.

Food for India J11. r

Food for India J11. a

IMG 20200507 WA0030

DAY 10 - THURSDAY MAY 6, 2020


Food distribution around Mahadeva Ashram for 8 families

THANK YOU for continuing to help

IMG 20200508 WA0000

IMG 20200507 WA0027





Meanwhile, confinement intensified in Bénarès!

While the Aarati has been perpetuated at Vishwanath Temple for more than three hundred years, the police have just forbidden the Brahmans to perform the religious service, however carried out under private seal since the confinement measures.

In protest against the ban on perpetuating the religious tradition which is the very soul of Benares and India, they gathered outside to perform their rituals.

 IMG 20200507 WA0035Vishwanath Temple extérieur







Vishwanath Temple interieur








The Kashi Vishwanath temple (also called the Golden Temple), dedicated to Shiva, is one of the most famous Hindu temples. The latter, who is its main deity, is also known as Vishwanath, which means "Master of the Universe". The city of Varanasi is also called "Kashi", which is why the temple is commonly called "Kashi Vishwanath Temple". Legend has it that on the death of Sati, the conspirator of Shiva, Shiva would have traveled from Manikarnika (place of Shakti and the most famous cremation field), to go to Vishwanath Temple.

Food For India akDAY 9 - May 4, 2020


The families around the ashram thank you deeply


The few new cases of coronavirus found in recent days in Varanasi have triggered stricter containment measures, including a day of total containment limiting our movements.

Also it is with the heart filled with gratitude that the needy families that we know well, have access to this new distribution of food for a week.

Flour, mustard oil, lentil, salt ...

The service continues. Thanks for them


Food For India as

Food for india OrphenageDAY 8 - May 1

Food For India OrphenageOLD WOMEN ORPHENAGE

Today we distributed

for 15 days of food for the 350 or so ladies aged in this pension.

Thank you once again for your contributions which allow us to act!


Mahadeva Ashram wishes you all a lot of happiness on this May Day


If all goes well, the Prime Minister announced that total containment could be lifted as early as May 17 with caution of course!

2 cases of Covid19 detected and declared today. In total, 61 cases for Varanasi, a city of more than 1.2 million inhabitants. A drop of water that generates colossal measures depriving part of the population of satisfying their most basic need: eating ...

Hopefully these measures will be quickly removed so that life, the real one, can resume its normal course with viruses, microbes, life and death that are cottent, laughter and crying, dogs, cows ...  La Vie quoi!  Our dear India!

Incredible India

In the meantime, let's continue to support those who need it!

Food for IndiaLet no one fall asleep with hunger!


Today, the whole world is troubled by the Covid 19 epidemic.
India is not spared.
Thanks to the support of donors, Mahadeva Ashram Bénarrès has implemented, for ten days now, a distribution of food for the poorest families.
Mahadeva Ashram,, appeals to all: that this action continues :
- with poor families. Lockdown is not over and will continue another full month.
- to maintain the food supply for the blind children’s school (350 children); food has been distributed for 15 days already and by your donations. We must continue!
- to support the orphanage; a first distribution will take place this week.
- distribute meals to the many saddhus who are the soul of our Benares!

Let's all work together, let's not give up!
With Your Help, this service will continue…
You can do a donation Here

Har har mahadev

The funds are collected by Mahadeva Ashram France (the Namaste Yoga Draguignan association) which sends directly to Mahadeva Ashram Varanasi.
All the funds are distributed, Zero intermediary.

Rahul Ananda Kashi Ji takes care of all the management and distribution on site. Shiva Bless you! Om

Blind School

DAY 7 - April 26, 2020


Thanks to your deep generosity.

15 days of food arrived today for the 350 children of this school that we have been following for two years. More than 2 tonnes of food ...

Thanks for them!

blinds school

Food Covid 19


DAY 6 - April 25, 2020



Thanks to your generous donations we can continue.

There is so much to do! It's endless!


Thank You 


Food Covid19 1

Food For India Jean Ji


Jean Lin Ji joins us!

A new collect is launched on Facebook

The more of us there are to relay information, the more we can act.

It's the race for the watch.

Thank you Jean Ji!

join us


With all our devotion

Covid19 Food for people 2

DAY 3 - April 18, 2020

Thank you for your donations, from the bottom of heart!

Food for forty families!

It’s a blessing!

We feel supported.

Thank you heartly for your support

Let's continue, it's imperative!


Shiva bless everyone


Har Har Mahadev

Food Covid 19 Collect Julie


Julie Ji and Edgard Ji decide to help us. Julie launches a fundraiser from her Facebook page.

Target, collect 1000 €

Some people are already contacting us for pledges. Our hearts vibrate ...

Together we can help more. The more of us there are to relay information, the more we can act.

Thanks Julie!

Thank you Edgard!



For India, let's act together!


Food Covid 19

April 14, 2020: Food For India begins

How to remain insensitive to the poor, who are starting to really lack food?

We decide to distribute food around the ashram, to the families we meet every day. It's not much but it's a start. We give what we have, in the kitchen of the ashram and buy for a hundred euros.

Let's start! 

Har Har Mahadev


FEED the most disadvantaged in the face of containment.


Covid19 Food for people 3

JOUR 5 - 22 Avril 2020


Mahadev Ashram is still distributing today to help a village located 10 kilometers away and especially affected by the lack of food ...

Mahadev Ashram thanks you heartly.

Donations continue to arrive.
It's great !

With devotion

Har har mahadev ?♥️✨