DAY 12 AND 13 - MAY 16 AND 19, 2020


HAR HAR MAHADEVA - Receive the darshan of the Saddhu of Benares


Deeply touched by these gifts, these holy men, spiritual and renouncing, thank you deeply.


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Food for India J12

Food for India J13 z

Food for India J13








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Mum ! When will we get home

And during this time, India is bloody drawn into an urban exile. Thousands of children, old people and whole families leave big cities, deprived of their jobs, food, shelter ... to return to their village. Under 40 °, exhausted, they harpoon the roads, sometimes, mistreated, clubbed by the police trying in vain to apply the containment and non-displacement measures linked to the health crisis ... Unfortunately this scenario is visible everywhere in the world.

Who will make the most victims, the virus or the health, social and economic measures instituted ???

As long as we can, may we continue to help them! Let's continue to be Human!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support.

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