Mahadeva Ashram 1

The existence of Mahadeva Ashram has for but the development of spirituality through the Hindu tradition, the practice of yoga, meditation, mantra, tantra, tantric remedies, aryurveda ... and open to all form of spirituality can help find one's person in Peace and Joy to cross serenely the ocean of existence and faience of the Valley of tears a mountain of love and compassion.

Its influence for a goal to offer help from a social and environmental point of view in different forms: to help the poor, to work for the cause of women in India, to act for the Ganges depot, to promote the price of the awareness of holistic behavior in the world. This vision is that of tantrika, who is well established in self-awareness and continues to work in and around the world.

The funds raised within the association allow self-management and serve the causes already mentioned.