About tantrism

Tantrism today suffers from a bad reputation.

While originally he establishes a sacred and highly spiritual vision that divinizes life, it is presented under a reductive, caricatural and as vulgar as possible. And that reduces Tantrism to a sexual technique of trance and power.

Tantra Mantra Guerison 1Without repeating the history of this current, its etymology

Tantra is the search in itself for the union of Shiva and Shakti. Tantra places woman, energy in the heart of the divine. It offers a non-dualistic view of the world favoring the "energy" aspect of the Divine without which the goal can not be achieved. If certain rituals include sexual practices, it is a ritual where emotion has no place. Only the cold reality remains. These practices are there, like so many others, only to allow the Kundalini to awaken and circulate in its full potential. In this regard, the awakening of the Kundalini is the result of a long process whose constancy, regularity and commitment with which one performs his sadhana are the guarantors. Rare are those who could boast of a sudden and dazzling rise. For common practitioners, it is the result of Tapasya, asceticism.

What are we looking for in tantra?

This is a question to ask. According to tradition, Tantrism is not to satiate a personal desire for pleasure and exacerbation of the senses for pure enjoyment, nor for seeking any ascendancy over the other sex. Tantrism is a wonderful way to find in ourselves the androgynous being that we are. It is to realize the union of these two poles that we compose, which joins in a certain way the goal of Hatha Yoga, that is, the Union of Ha and Tha, of the Moon and the Sun for the purpose of to elevate and transcend the duality of Maya. When finally this Union is realized, then, the accomplished being enjoys the world in a constant return between his inner being, the self and the outside.

The world, the Maya, is no longer a problem as it may be in other traditions, but precisely the place, the opportunity, and the means to realize the Consciousness, to realize Shiva.

No offense to some, reaching such a stage makes sense only to serve the divine. Serving the divine consists in particular of illuminating as a glow in the night and allowing those who have forgotten it to remember who they are: a celestial being in a body of flesh. Shiva is everywhere and in everything, in all. To withdraw in the cave of the heart to leave it in permanent return, to make the link between the Self and the self. This is the role of the Guru. The Divine personified.


" The Saubhagyahrdayastotra sings the Goddess Bee who sits in the lotus of the Heart and plays on the surface, in the sense organs, coming and going from the hive - the heart - to the flowers: perfumes, shapes and colors ... in order to diligently juice. Such is the attitude of the great yogin who, like Mahaprakasa, without ever leaving the heart, the center of the cosmic wheel, tastes the varied pleasures of the senses on the periphery. "


The Goddess Abeille is comparable to the Tantrika who weaves in permance the web that forms her life between inner and outer, well established in the Self while livi